30 Interesting Facts About Internet

Internet Facts

It took 75years for Telephone and 13years for Television to reach a 5million user base but, unlike for the Internet, it took Just 4years to reach 5million users across the globe, which clearly defines the penetration of the Internet in our day to day life.

Internet which was started to enhance Military Communication in the United States of America in the early 1980s was soon Introduce in Commerical and Domestic purposes and the first Web browser was ‘Netscape Navigator‘. Here are some more interesting facts about the Internet.

  1. As of January 2020, 31 Billion devices are connected to the internet, with China being at the top.
  2. You’d be surprised to know that email. Is older than www.
  3. According to the total population of a country, the maximum number of people in Sweden is connected to the internet, about 75%.
  4. Prior to September 1995, domains were registered for free.
  5. In 1919, it was the second most searched item on the internet. On the internet. Pokeman was the first number to still have pornography.
  6. Over one million new domains are registered every month. As of January 2018, there are about 1.2 billion websites on the internet.
  7. Whatever browser you use today? Google chrome safari UC browser etc, but in 1993 the internet’s first and well-known browser was more.
  8. The first domain name to be registered on the internet was symbolics.com . it was registered on 15 March 1985.

  9. web.archive.orgin is such a website on which you can see it by entering the url of any website.
  10. The name Ecosia in brazil is a search engine that donates 80% of its total earning to planting trees.
  11. In 1993, there were only 130 websites on the internet 25 years ago. Neither was Google and had to pay through ISP to create an email account. ISP stands for internet service provider.
  12. The longest legal battle for a domain name has been for peta.org people for the ethical treatment of animals sued people eating tasty animals for obtaining this name. the case ran from 1995 to 2001 eventually gave people for. The ethical treatment of animals won it.
  13. Hotwired, now known as wired.com. the first such website which had banner ads.
  14. About 80% of emails sent every day are spam.
  15. ‘@’ sign was used in history as a weight measuring unit in Europe called the ‘arrboa’ weighing 25lbs 11.34 kg.
  16. The first thing sent and purchased over the internet was a bag of hemp.
  17. ‘The pirate bay’ tried to buy an island in the hope that it would be made a country where there would be no copyright law.
  18. Over 30000 websites are hacked every day.
  19. The first webcast of the was inaugurated in January 1997 by us president bill Clinton webcast. { webcast mean live video }
  20. When the first white house websites were launched on October 21, 1994, it was linked to a porn website in creation.
  21. ‘Ethan Zukerman’ the person who gave the idea of pop-up ADS still regrets that he gave birth to one of the most preferred methods of advertising on the internet.
  22. This kid who is known on the internet, earned so much money from the popularity of the internet that his father’s kidney was transplanted.

  23. In Norway, all prisoners are allowed to run the internet in their own cells.
  24. There is a law in South Korea under which children under 16 years of age cannot play online at 12:00 am 6:00 am. It is named ‘shutdown’ download.
  25. ‘Anthony Greco’ was the first person arrested in 2005 for sending spam messages.
  26. A common person agrees to such terms conditions on the internet in 1 year that if they sit down to read and spend  8 hours a day, it will take about 76 days
  27. There are 6,586,013,574 searches on Google in a day, out of which 15% are those who have never seen before in Google.
  28. com is by far the most expensive spellings Domine on the internet, priced at eight $72 million.
  29. The Internet was launched by VSNL on 14 august 1995 for the general public in India. {videsh Sanchar Nigam limited.
  30. The most surprising fact is that Google itself says that it has only 0.004% of the total data of the internet. The rest s99.96% is known as the deep web.

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