Harayana Public Service Commission New Recruitment Format Explained


In a stark diversion from the earlier recruitment procedures followed by Haryana’s Public Service Commission, which is responsible for recruiting Group-A officers, the incumbent setup has introduced a multifold recruitment process. Aiming to make all government recruitment with transparency and strictly on merit, the HPSC has formulated a detailed step-wise procedure to be followed in all government recruitments, during Covid times and even afterwards.

From providing face masks to candidates appearing for written examination to avoid cheating and ensuring their safety, to uploading OMR sheets immediately after the examination to guarding identities of the candidates from the interviewing panel,

How is the recruitment process initiated?

Requisitions received from the government for any post are first examined, posts are advertised, and online applications are invited. If the applications are more than three times the number of total posts, then, the Commission conducts a recruitment test and declares candidates who qualify for further selection process. All the candidates who applied online are considered provisionally eligible for the recruitment test subject to the fulfillment of eligibility conditions. The eligibility condition is adjudged later if they qualify for further selection process.

For the written examination, roll numbers are allotted to avoid purposeful sequencing. Admit cards are issued consisting different candidate details, and same details are also available in the attendance list sent by the Commission in examination centres. Both are matched before candidate takes the test. Candidates, at time of the test, have to sign the list and fill Sr. No. of OMR Sheet/ Answer Booklet in the said list and sign it. Thereafter, room invigilators put their signature on the OMR sheet. To further ensure that no other candidate in place of actual candidate appears in the recruitment test, now proper frisking, biometric scanning of eyes is also to be conducted to determine candidate’s authenticity and it is to be matched with original identity proof. Candidates are also to be issued face masks by HPSC so that they do not carry any chit hidden in the face masks.

How use of unfair means is to be prevented during the test?

CCTV cameras at entry and exit points of each examination centre and within each hall to monitor the activities of the candidates are a must. Feed of all CCTVs will go to the Control Room installed at Commission’s office under the supervision of 2 IAS/HCS officers deputed by the government. These IAS/HCS officers will then monitor all centres. Commission has started the practice of taking only big halls for conducting examinations for better monitoring and to control any mischief at the level of examination centres.

How are the OMR sheets distributed to students?

Commission has started the practice of using three OMR sheets and candidate is handed over his/her copy of OMR sheet at the end of examination. Immediately after the examination is over, all OMR sheets are to be scanned and uploaded into the individual accounts of applicants. Few candidates are to be requested to observe the scanning process on voluntary basis and the entire process videographed.

How many sets of question papers are set?

The Commission has increased the number of different question papers from four to 24. Candidates are to be seated in such a way that any two adjacent candidates have different question booklet codes. IAS/HCS officers will be appointed at each examination centre to work as Observers. The opening of Question Papers and sealing of solved OMR sheets must be videographed in the presence of observer/Representative of the Commission. After the completion of recruitment test, the sealed OMR sheets (answer sheets) in sealed envelopes are received by Secretary/Deputy Secretary, as the case may be and these sealed envelopes are kept in a box duly locked by him and the committee consisting of two other officers/ officials of HPSC who are responsible for scanning and evaluation of the same afterwards.

Who all are called for interview?

At least three times posts available and as fixed by the Commission are declared qualified for further selection process. The qualified candidates are directed to submit the hard copies of their online application forms along with all supporting documents of their claim. The hard copies so received are checked to adjudge the eligibility of the candidates according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the advertisement and those who are found eligible are called for interview.

What is the interview process?

Interview board comprises three experts (two senior retired IAS officers who had been Chief Secretary rank in the state or Secretary rank in the Union government or equivalent from outside the Haryana cadre and with 1 psychologist (preferably from outside Haryana) and one member of Haryana Public Service Commission as Chairman of the Board. Where the examination/ post is subject based, the interview board comprises one member of HPSC as Chairman and two subject experts (senior professors, preferably from outside of Haryana) and one senior retired IAS (Chief Secretary rank or rank of Secretary to Government of India, from outside Haryana cadre). Each member of the Board gives his/her individual marks, including the chairman of the Board/Committee. All the marks of the four members of the Board are averaged out to arrive on the final interview marks. They are placed in a sealed cover by each Board.

How is a candidate’s identity protected from interview panel? On the day of interview, candidates are to be allowed to appear before the interviewing committee with a code number/token number which is randomly allotted to them just before the beginning of the interviews by Secretary/Deputy Secretary instead of their original roll numbers. Candidates are to be interviewed only on the basis of that token number and the marks awarded by the interviewing committee against the same token number. Board Members must not ask for the candidates’ name, mother’s or father’s names or roll number in order to keep the identity of the candidate secret. The candidates are also briefed not to reveal this information to the interviewing panel.

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