List of All Important Prizes and their fields


In the current competitive exam days questions related to prizes or awards in their fields are often asked by the examiner. These awards are becoming equally important in static gk and current affairs. So, to cater this we have made of list of some important Prizes and their fields which would be beneficial in your preparation for HSSC, SSC, HPPSC, Railways & Bank exams.

List of All Important Prizes and Their Fields

  1. Noble Prize:

It is one of most influential award in the world which is given to people for their contribution in mainly six fields by Swedish and Norwegian authorities. The above award was constituted by Dynamite inventor Alfred Bernand Nobel in his will in 1895 and from 1901 these awards are announced on the death anniversary of Alfred Bernand Nobel i.e 10th December of every year. Earlier the award was given to people for their contribution in following fields only:

1. Literature

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Medicine

5. Peace

The sixth category Economics was added in the year 1967 and first was given in 1969.





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